About AC Groups

AC Groups is a nonprofit that fosters people’s resilience by ensuring they have dependable, supportive relationships in their everyday lives


Since the early clinical trials of this program, AC Groups have been organized for adults in diverse roles that involve taking care of others, such as fathers, K-12 educators, university professors, school heads, counselors, physicians, nurses, policymakers, and more.

Fees For Group Participation

The fee structure has flexibility, with need-based sliding scale options.

  • Our general suggested donation fee, per session, is $100 — reduced to only $50 through Summer 2022.
  • Participants can sign up for six weeks at a time (with the option to renew for the second half of the 12-session program). With $50 out-of-pocket per week, for a commitment of 6 meetings, this would amount to a maximum of $300 for 6 weeks and $600 for all 12 weeks.
  • All this said we are flexible. We have never turned anyone away for lack of funds, ever since AC Groups were started five years ago. While completing the application form, you can certainly request a sliding scale fee!