Johanna Callard, LICSW

I brought AC Groups to our school in the fall of 2017, and colleagues in my own group still meet, five years later. In my group, all faculty members were people who really cared about students, gave a lot to them. And each week for 3 months, we got to receive love — from each other and also from ‘Go-to’ people in our communities. We actually came to coin it our “blanket of love.” Being in AC Groups exponentially improved my well-being — professionally as well as personally, and I’d really encourage folks to consider being a part of them. They can bring a lot of love into your life, that you didn’t know was possible. I will forever be grateful for my own experiences in Authentic Connections Groups.

Fall 2017

Lisa Sproat, MD, MSW

Authentic Connections Groups helped me feel personally validated, thoughtful, and hopeful. I learned that I was not the only one running around like a nut all the time. It made me feel blessed for the resources I have, and opened my eyes to other resources that would be helpful. I think the AC Groups program would be beneficial for all mothers, especially those who are also negotiating jobs that are demanding in terms of both time and energy!

Spring 2015

Jenny Reese, MD

As a former participant in Authentic Connections Groups, I can tell you it was extremely worthwhile These groups provided a chance to take time to be cared for, to be held accountable in seeking support rather than endlessly giving. They brought validation of my experiences and did build a new Year later, all of us who went through the “AC Group experience” still get together regularly and that is a true gift. For anyone in health care, I would strongly recommend joining an Authentic Connections Group!”

Spring 2018

Nicole Hager, MA

“One of my proudest professional experiences has been my association with Suniya Luthar’s AC Groups program. These groups were born from Suniya’s passion to acknowledge the needs of caregivers and to provide them space to connect and restore. As a school leader, I brought AC Groups to two different schools and I have been part of several groups myself, both in person and virtually. Colleagues from the same school connected over shared struggles and through their vulnerability and sharing, many in the group stayed connected long after the formal program ended. Through the pandemic, my own AC Group connected me with people from across the country from whom I gained incredible wisdom, perspective, and strength. As caregivers, we are not always the best at practicing what we preach; we tend to go it alone as we tend to the needs of everyone else. AC Groups bring caregivers together in a powerful web of generosity and understanding.”

Jewel Kling, MD

“One of the more powerful moments from Authentic Connections Groups for me — and for my colleagues who joined — was the realization that the only way we can truly take care of others at work and home is if we ourselves have dependable supports. This is especially important now, given all the stresses from COVID; as far as I’m concerned, all mothers could benefit from these groups!”

Kimber Bogard, Ph.D.

“Having been part of two Authentic Connections Groups groups myself, I can personally attest to the power of this program in supporting moms who balance work and caregiving. Being in these evidence-based groups opened my eyes to the importance of developing deep personal connections with other moms with similar yet different experiences. The nurturing environment is like no other relationship I have in my life and is so valuable. Through my group, I learned about genuine unconditional caring and giving, and we grew together over many months (even well after the formal program was over). AC groups are an excellent way for mothers to gain new insights and valuable support, at relatively low cost and minimal time commitment. I believe that these groups could be extremely valuable for all moms, everywhere.”