About AC Groups

AC Groups is a nonprofit that fosters people’s resilience by ensuring they have dependable, supportive relationships in their everyday lives.

Our nonprofit offers the evidence-based Authentic Connections (AC) Groups program, where participants meet virtually, once per week for 12-weeks.  Groups include 5-6 people from similar life situations or roles. For examples of the diverse groups of participants in prior AC Groups, please see Testimonials.

Facilitated by experienced clinicians, all AC Group sessions are focused on developing positive coping skills and forging dependable close relationships. So at the end of the 12-week program, participants leave with not only well-established support networks, but also new skills, tools, and handouts that they can draw upon — and share with others — in the future.

Regarding our fees, for individuals our suggested donation is $100 per group session. This said, participants can certainly request a sliding scale fee. We have never turned anyone away for lack of funds. Participants may also sign up for six weeks at a time (with the option to renew for the second half of the program). For organizations, the suggested cost for a group of six participants is $3600 ($50 per person per session vs. the typical $100 per person for individuals). When signing up for three or more groups, organizations receive a 15% or more discount on all services.

Who are these groups for? Are they for you?

Authentic Connections Groups are for everybody seeking to build dependable support systems that last over time, and can buffer them through times of adversity or stress! They are especially valuable for folks who take care of others at home or work, teaching new coping and relationship-building skills while ensuring that they stay replenished themselves.